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Created in House /   Phthalates + Parabens Free


Cashmere Woods

Woody. Masculine. Soft.

Rich mahogany and grounded oak wrapped in a blanket of vanilla and sea salt. Cashmere Woods is for the lovers of our most loved masculine sniffs like Tobacco, Palo Santo, Cowboy and Oak Blossom.

Mahogany. Oak. Vanilla. Salt.


Plum Pumpkin 

Warm. Spiced. Musky,

Plum and Pumpkin is the autumn duo you never knew you needed. The warmest of fruits with the warmest of spices creates an enchanting atmosphere filled with calming musky vibes made for every mood of the day.

Plum. Musk. Cinnamon. Clove.



Fruity.   Sweet. Tart. Familiar.

Harvesting it fresh or baking it into a crisp, rhubarb is the robust memory of autumn at granny's, the cafe or scenting your lovely home all day. Made with tart rhubarb a touch of brown sugar and nostalgia in mind.

Rhubarb. Brown Sugar. Oats.



Masculine. Rich. Woody.

Yeehaw, Cowboy! What do you say we go to the stampede together? 

Sun soaked leather, tobacco and aromatic whiskey experienced together create the perfect scent of an authentic cowboy wearing a light woody cologne.

Leather. Tobacco. Whiskey. Wood.


Beach Babe

Fruity. Tangy. Juicy.

Tingling kiwi, pineapple and smooth cocoa butter bring forward memories of eating fresh fruit at the beach. Just sit back and enjoy.

Kiwi. Cocoa Butter. Kumquat. Pineapple.



Crisp. Juicy. Fruity. Clean.

Walking through the watermelon patch on the hottest day of summer requires cooling cucumber water, wouldn't you agree? Let's just add a touch of basil for herbal sweetness and we could stay out here all day! 

Watermelon. Basil. Cucumber.


Blackberry Pear

Crisp. Juicy. Fruity. Clean.

Ripe green pear and juicy blackberry with the softness of cashmere. If you're a fan of our classic Yuzu Laundry, this will be your new fav!

Lime. Pear. Blackberry. Cashmere.


Spring Showers

Fresh. Clean. Floral.

A single bead of rain rolls down your cheek falling onto your basket of figs from your afternoon spent at the market. With spring showers travelling your way, the lilac trees aromatic blooms intensify and sweep you off your feet carrying you home. Or so you thought, as you walk through the front door closing it on storm.

Lilac. Fig. Mineral. Apricot.


Milk Tea

Sweet. Warm. Creamy.

Milk Tea is the sweet and creamy candle you'll be reaching to burn for yourself and others. Comforting vanilla combine with brown sugar create an aroma so irresistible your guests will be back for seconds.

Black Tea. Brown Sugar. Vanilla Milk. Caramel. Tapioca.



Soothing. Refreshing. Invigorating.

Spring eucalyptus with garden fresh thyme and rosemary. Crisp, cool and refreshing as the snow melting for the grass to peak through this time of year.

Eucalyptus. Thyme. Rosemary. Rosewood.


Oak Blossom

Woody. Fruity. Masculine.

Classic holiday favourites like mandarin and clementine brighten notes of oak and cedar creating a masculine scent you wont be able to stop burning. Oak Blossom is a truly unique blend created as an alternative to the expected food forward scents surrounding the holidays.

Mandarin. Oak. Musk. Clementine. Cedar.


Coffee Bean

Spiced. Classic. Warm.

Coffee bean is velvety smooth and as close to walking into your favourite cafe as it can get. 

Coffee Bean. Espresso. Hazelnut. Cream.



Soft. Comforting. Floral.

The perfect blend of calming notes to sit by your bedside. Cozy when you open your eyes, soothing when you close them and just the right amount of lavender so you wont completely snooze through your alarm.

Lavender. Cashmere. Tonka. Smoke. Shea.


Wood Sage

Woody. Earthy. Musky.

Enjoying the damp ground cushioning each step as you quietly walk through the magical small open space in the forest. Oak moss growing near by transports you to your grandfathers big hugs and back in and instant to the wonderful woods surrounding. 

Sage. Oakmoss. Sandalwood.



Tart. Sweet. Citrus.

Tart lemon curd softening with each minute it burns. Layers of sweet meringue pie slowly unfold into a robust lightly sweetened fresh baked aroma.  

Meyer Lemon. Butter Crust. Toasted Meringue.


Tomato Grapefruit

Herbaceous. Fresh. Citrus.

Garden fresh and ripe for picking! Palpable tomato leaf brightened with pink grapefruit invites you to sniff up close as if you were choosing the ripest fruit off of the vine. Undetectable white florals enhance the authentic full garden glow that'll have guests asking you how your home smells like it's in a greenhouse.

Tomato Leaf. Pink Grapefruit. Clementine. 



Earthy. Clean. Humid. Calming.

Humid air fills with the scent of sun baked earth quenched by summers first thunderstorm. Surrounding forest oozes fresh air robust with pine and patchouli, while the river flowing through washes new driftwood ashore. Petrichor lovers dream are made by bringing this authentic scent indoors.

Humid Air. Wet Terracotta. Patchouli. Pine.



Sun Soaked. Sweet. Relatable.

Grab your bestie and and pack a bag, Sundays were made for days at the beach! Sea salted caramel, nutty pistachio and vanilla bean create an irresistibly sweet aroma that wraps you in sunshine and brings the feeling of sand between your toes into your home.

Pistachio. Salted Caramel. Vanilla Bean. Sandalwood  Almond


Bread and Jam

Buttery. Comforting. Nostalgic.

Cutting into the golden crust of freshly baked bread, the waft of warm perfectly risen yeast overflows your surroundings. Cool butter slowly melts into the flakey crust and you reach for the ripe strawberry jam and think to yourself, "is this the perfect morning?"

Baked Bread. Salted Butter. Strawberry Jam.


Palo Santo

Bright. Woody. Fresh.

Palo Santo is a unique scent of dry wood, citrus and resin, creating a cleansing environment in it's wake. Charcoal and robust saffron add depth and longevity to this complex blend with a touch of mineral and dark spice.

Palo Santo. Charcoal. Saffron. 



Dark. Sophisticated. Spicy. Masculine.

Dark and mysterious, yet cozy like a cabin in the woods. An ambrosial blend of spicy tobacco and rich bourbon woven with notes of vanilla.

Tobacco. Bourbon. Vetiver. Vanilla. 


Earl Grey

Inviting. Cozy. Calming. Herbal.

Earl Grey; an innovative twist on a classic scent. Black tea infused with lavish bergamot and sprinkled with lavender bud and blue cornflower petal.

Black tea. Lavender. Bergamot.



Soft. Creamy. Nutty. Floral.

"Foraging for tonka beans with the fairies that live among the elder trees/ creamy tonka bean elderflower grass fields almonds oatmeal."

Tonka Bean. Elderflower. Grass Fields. Almonds. Oatmeal. 


Blueberry Waffle

Light. Sweet. Fruity. Buttery.

Opening your eyes from a deep sleep to fluffy waffles being made for you. blueberry waffles brown butter toasted coconut sweet cream

Blueberry. Golden Waffles. Brown Butter. Toasted Coconut. Sweet Cream. 


Cottage Campfire

Warm. Smoky. Woody. 

Basking in warm campfire heat after the sun sets.

Gun Powder. Mahogany. Smoked Cedar. Smoked Vanilla.


Morning Hike

Cool. Creamy. Earthy. Airy.

The air is cool but it'll be warmer soon. And once the forest pine, and spice filled fog burn off, we can keep hiking through our daydream. The vanilla lake is waiting at the top.

Soft Vanilla. Pine. Sweet Musk. Green Peppercorn. Juicy Strawberry. Sandalwood. Amber. Myr


Peach Zinfandel

Juicy. Bright. Dewy. Wine Bouquet.

The sun is beaming and beads of sweat roll from your upper lip, as you quench your thirst with a glass of cool rose. Dreaming about the peach breeze from the neighbouring orchard "this is the quintessence of spring," you think to yourself.

Dry Rose. Farmers Market Peach. Raspberry. Rose Petal. 



Seductive. Rich. Milky.

Eating fresh chelan cherries from the farmers market, baking an angel food cake in the afternoon sunlight.

Black Cherry. Oat Milk. Shea Butter. Amaretto. Heavy Cream.


Yuzu Laundry

Clean. Crisp. Refreshing.

Yuzu, a touch of jasmine, tumbled on low, with brand new sheets 

Yuzu. Mandarin orange. Grapefruit. Fresh cotton. Cashmere. Jasmine.