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  • The Candle I'd like is Sold Out, What Now?

    All of our repurposed candles are unique in the sense that we only make what we find. Quantities are typically limited typically from 1-6 units, unless we're lucky enough to have found a full set which can range up to 12 units. 

    Out of stock 7oz scents will be restocked weekly unless discontinued.

    Please note if you purchase a 'sold out' scent it will be shipped 1 week after your purchase date.

  • How + When will my candle be shipped?

    Our shipping packages are compiled using corrugated boxes, biodegradable packing peanuts, paper tape and biodegradable glassine envelopes.

    Local Deliveries are compiled using recycled kraft paper bags, corrugated cardboard dividers and biodegradable glassine envelopes.

    Upon checkout you'll be prompted to choose the shipping method of your choice and your order will be processed within 48 hr and shipped within 5 days. Once you order has shipped you will receive an email notification including shipment details and tracking information.

  • What is a Comuocu Candle Made From?

    We're proudly hand-poured in Calgary, AB, Canada and made with premium quality, luxurious coconut soy wax, and house blended non toxic (no parabens, phthalates, preservatives) fragrance blends. Our collections are curated from guilt free repurposed vessels and eco friendly borosilicate glass.

  • Custom Candles + Collaboration Projects

    Custom candles are available upon request in vessel(s) supplied by the client or curated by Comuocu. Inquire here by email

  • Can I Refill My Candle?

    Comuocu repurposed candles can be refilled in any fragrance for 30% the original price.

    Please note candle vessels must be clean from wax + wick and will not be accepted otherwise. Thank you for helping us stay sanitary in order to provide refills.

    Drop off your empties at our West Farmers Market location.

  • How Are Comuocu Candles Tested?

    Because every candle burns differently according to it's fragrance, wick and vessel, we test every candle individually. Our house blended fragrances are first tested by potency to determine which creates the desired aroma. Once we've found it we pour multiple wick tests for each vessel, and each fragrance to ensure the correct size is chosen. Let a little time pass before we check on how they're setting. Light them all until we find that perfect melt pool, and after a couple months we have our big batch of high quality, hand poured candles!

  • What Happens to Test Candles?

    Candles made for testing are used for our marketing, social media content, and developing our brand. Doing this means not only do we ensure every one of our candles is quality made to it's final burn, but also that we get the most out of every ounce of product used to create our candles.

  • Where Does Your Waste Go?

    We work in 2 lbs batches to create high quality, controlled product, however if anything were to go wrong while making a batch our waste is minimal. When the mistake is small, we reduce the price for our our "sale" shop page. We reduce, reuse, reuse, reuse until recycling is necessary.

  • How Are Comuocu Repurposed Vessels Sourced?

    We understand quality is a must and to respect our standard, we hunt. This is a lengthy process to find beautiful vessels in great condition for the collection in mind although hunting for vessels can be hard on the mileage. We streamline vessel pick ups, delivery days and errands to ensure we're using the truck as responsibly as possible. All repurposed candle vessels are upcycled so slight wear on them may be present but we avoid buying anything with chips, cracks or obvious flaws.

  • How Can I Get The Most From My Comuocu Candle?

    Our candles are tested in multiple ways, one being the melt pool created by the size of the wick. It's important to let your candle create a full melt pool when you light it to ensure no tunnelling occurs, this mean allowing the wax to melt across the entire surface all the way to the edges of the vessel.

    This time frame to create a full melt pool will vary for repurposed candles and we recommend a solid 3-4 hr burn for all wood wicks.

    Maintain your wick by trimming to 1/4"inch about every 4 hours of burn time. Remember that you can always trim more, so be careful to not trim your wick too short. Also, please remember to never keep your candle lit longer than 4 hours.

    Keep away from direct sunlight and cold temperatures.


    All returns are handled on a case by case basis, in hopes of finding a happy and minimally wasteful solution.

    Return + exchange inquiries must be made within 3 days of receiving Comuocu product, and sent back within 10 days in original packaging.

    We're a small business that happily covers a portion or all of the original shipping cost for every client. Due to yearly rising shipping costs please be advised that return shipping charges are the clients responsibility. We appreciate your understanding.