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Tomato Grapefruit ~ Room Spray

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Herbaceous. Fresh. Citrus.

Enhance your homes welcoming presence with our new room sprays. Shake and spray a little (or a lot) for an immediate long lasting aromatic upgrade. 

Garden fresh and ripe for picking! Palpable tomato leaf brightened with pink grapefruit invites you to sniff up close as if you were choosing the ripest fruit off of the vine. Undetectable white florals enhance the authentic full garden glow that'll have guests asking you how your home smells like it's in a greenhouse.

Tomato Leaf. Pink Grapefruit. Clementine. 

Shelf Life: 6 Months. This is a preservative free product. Keep away from heat and direct light, keep in a cool dark place such as a linen closet, laundry room or the fridge.


Tomato Grapefruit ~ Room Spray