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No. 681 Seaside ~ Coconut Lime

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Clean. Tropical. Refreshing.

Describe Seaside? Have you ever had someone walk passed you and a trail of freshly shampooed hair follows in their wake? Like if you could capture the intoxication of a refreshing seaside breeze.. It smells like you were meant to be right here, right now.

Salt. Jasmine. Kelp. Linen. Palm Leaf.

Creamy. Zesty. Luxurious.

The scent pairing of our dreams, lush coconut and fresh lime. It's giving coconut margs on a beach, do not disturb, taking a hard five, summer all year. 

Coconut Milk. Lime Leaf. Ginger.


Net Weight 2.25

No. 681 Seaside ~ Coconut Lime

  • Burn Duration

    40 - 50hrs

    Candle burn times vary from factors such as warmer to colder seasons, home temperature, fragrance hardness level and burn lengths.

    We recommend burning your candle in 2.5-4hr increments.

  • Ingredients

    The 7oz wood wick collection is poured with our classic velvety coconut soy wax, phthalates/parabens free fragrance blends and FCS certified crackling wood wicks.

    The single walled, unique rounded square is minimal in design for adaptability in every space, and blown using borosilicate glass durable from temperatures 0-300°C for endless reuse possibilities.