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Peach Zinfandel ~ 7oz

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Juicy. Sparkling. Dewy. Wine Bouquet.

The sun is beaming and beads of sweat roll from your upper lip, as you quench your thirst with a glass of cool rose. Dreaming about the peach breeze from the neighbouring orchard "this is the quintessence of spring," you think to yourself.

Dry Rose. Farmers Market Peach. Raspberry. Rose Petal. 

Burn Duration: 38-42hr

Label: Textured linen paper, embossed details

Vessel: Hand blown borosilicate glass 

The 7oz wood wick collection is poured with our classic velvety coconut soy wax and phthalates and parabens free fragrance blends. The single walled, unique rounded square is minimal in design for adaptability in every space, and durable from temperatures of below 0-400°C for endless reuse possibilities.

Net weight 7oz / D 2.4" x H 3"

Peach Zinfandel ~ 7oz